Perfect for the indoor or outdoor summer camper. 

They will enjoy hours of creative fun.  The plate is reusable, and durable and will will last for years of creative use. 

You can use many kinds of paints and inks to create prints, including:

-tempera paints (we prefer Crayola Premier Tempera paints)

-acrylic paints (use craft paints like Deco Art, Folk Art) and regular acrylic paints like Liquitex and Golden Open paints.

- watercolor paints,

- markers - just draw on the plate and transfer to paper!

- alcohol inks and stamping inks too!

Our Gel Printing plate made in the USA,  is non-toxic, latex and silicone free and does not contain animal by products. Vegan Friendly.

Kit Includes:

• 5"x5" gel printing plate

• 4" Roller

• Stencil (Design varies)

• Punchinella

• Purchase Orders accepted. Send to info@gelliarts.com

Please note - no paint is included in this kit.